Welcome New Family Physicians!

The following is a list of new family physicians to Niagara who are accepting patients.  To view details for these physicians, such as languages spoken, please visit the website for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario www.cpso.on.ca

Fort Erie

Dr. Pinhas Ephrat, Fort Erie Family Practice Group

  • Accepting patients throughout Niagara
  • 238 Bertie Street, Suite 7
  • 905-871-1220

Dr. Joanna Awobem, Fort Erie Family Practice Group

  • Accepting patients who are residents of Fort Erie, Ridgeway and Crystal Beach
  • 238 Bertie Street, Suite 7
  • 905-871-1220


Dr. Nibal Lubbad

  • 520 North Service Road
  • 905-945-9998

Niagara Falls

Dr. Pouria Sadeghi

  • 4256 Portage Road, Suite #201
  • 289-296-6006

Dr. Karim Velji

  • 4383 Portage Rd
  • 905-354-3777

Dr. Benjamin Pang, Chippawa Medical

  • 3700 Main Street
  • 905-295-4323

Dr. Mondeesh Sidhu, Niagara Region Medical

  • 8279 Lundy’s Lane Unit A3A4
  • 905-357-1661

St. Catharines

Dr. Atef Grada, Grantham Medical Clinic

  • 400 Scott Street
  • 905-937-0000

Dr. Ali Mohamed, Niagara North Family Health Team

  • Unit #9, 605 Glenridge Ave
  • 905-685-8700

Are you looking for assistance to find a family doctor?

Health Care Connect is an government funded agency who will assist you to find a physician or nurse practitioner in your community.

In order to become registered with the Health Care Connect you must ensure that you are not registered with another health care provider.  You can do this by contacting Service Ontario at 1-888-218-9929.   You will then receive a confirmation by mail in approximately 7-10 days confirming this has been completed.

Once you receive the confirmation letter you may register with the Health Care Connect Program online or by calling 1-800-445-1822.  You will be contacted shortly thereafter by the Health Care Connect Program who will assist you with your search to find another family doctor.

Please visit their information page at http://www.ontario.ca/page/find-family-doctor-or-nurse-practitioner . or call 1-800-445-1822.