Ontario’s family physicians primarily bill OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) as their primary source of revenue. There are a variety of different types of models in which you can bill/enroll your patients that pay differently based on your preferred model of care.

Family Health Organization (FHO)

  • 6 or more physicians working as a group in close proximity or in the same office space
  • Physicians commit to enroll patients
  • Regular office hours and 5+ after-hours blocks (3 hours) based on the number within the group
  • Physicians sign an agreement to join this model
  • Blended capitation model – complement-based remuneration plus bonuses and incentives

FHO Models with Family Health Teams Funding (FHT)

  • Family Health Teams are interdisciplinary teams that are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care that are attached to FHO or FHN models. Physicians can join existing FHO/FHN groups with FHT funding but new FHT applications are currently suspended.

Family Health Group (FHG)

  • 3 or more physicians practicing together either in the same office or in close proximity
  • Physicians enroll patients
  • Regular office hours and 3+ after-hours blocks (3 hours) based on the number within the group
  • Signed agreement to join
  • Fee for service model with a small bonus for enrolling patients

Community Health Centres (CHC)

  • CHCs are interdisciplinary teams that serve communities and populations who may have barriers to health services. They focus on addressing the underlying conditions that affect people’s health, such as social determinants of health, diet and literacy.
  • The CHC employs multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals such as nurse practitioners, social workers, outreach workers and kinesiology.
  • Regular and extended hours
  • Physicians who work in a CHC setting are salaried employees. The CHCs in Niagara receive funding through the Local Health Integration Network.

Walk-In Clinics (Non-Enrolling Fee for Service)

  • There are over 16 walk-in clinics across the Niagara Region. Agreements, overhead split, and hours can be discussed with the hiring clinic. These are fee-for-service opportunities with set shifts.

Physicians who are looking at retiring are encouraged to contact the regional physician recruiter for a consult and to help create a strategy for attracting the right physician to take over your practice, space and/or patient roster.

The Niagara Physician Recruitment Program uses Ministry of Health datasets along with up-to-date local statistics to plan for physician needs in our 12 municipalities. This data includes the number of physicians and capacity gaps benchmarked with the population.

Please email questions or comments to Jill Croteau, Physician Recruiter